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Matterport 3D-Dollhouse 

Click and drag to look around. Use the control buttons at the bottom left to switch floors or to toggle between the first-person view, 3D dollhouse view, or 2D floor plan view. Content-rich annotations are placed throughout the tour to describe whatever is in view.

What am I looking at?

The Matterport 3D Dollhouse is the most accurate digital representation of a property you can create today. These are created with a specialized camera system specifically designed to scan spaces in 360°. Once a property has been scanned and processed, you can view it as a 3D or 2D floorplan, in first-person, or even as a walkthrough video. 


You can share this dollhouse using its unique hyperlink or even embed it directly on your website next to the listing itself. The photoshoot usually takes 1-3 hours based on the size of the property and the complexity of the floorplan.


We have multiple photographers ready to go at any time, and we will work with your busy schedule. We can even clean and stage the property for you - our aim is to make the process 100% hassle-free.


Ask us about how to add

   content-rich annotations  


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