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What is a Virtual Tour? A Virtual Tour is a link between two or more 360-degree panoramas that allow the viewer to move from one interactive photo to the other.

Why are so many businesses implementing StreetView Virtual Tours?

#1 - Improves Google Search Engine Results

StreetView Virtual Tours have a large impact on your ranking in Google’s search results. For example, when you search for "smoothie places near me" there are a few variables that will impact which smoothie vendors show up first such as whether or not you have a Google Plus account and a functioning website linked to your business listing, your business address relative to the searcher, how many reviews you have, and finally, whether or not you have a virtual tour linked to your business. That’s right, virtual tours will help increase your placement in Google’s search engine results. This makes it easier for clients and customers to find you online.











#2 - A Realistic Depiction of Your Business

Virtual tours are created by stitching multiple high-resolution images together, resulting in a super high-res, 360-degree panorama that immerses the viewer. This allows for the most realistic digital representation of your space, allowing a customer to literally look around as if they were standing in your establishment with you. The internet is a big place, but when your online presence includes something as immersive as a virtual tour you make that place a bit smaller. As a customer, it's a lot easier to make a decision when you know exactly what to expect before you even visit. 













#3 - Powered by Google

Google is the largest, most ubiquitous internet search platform in the world.  When customers or clients want to get information about your business, they will Google your business name or address using Google Chrome and find your Google listing on Google Maps to call you, visit your website, or view your photos. Your StreetView V-Tour will allow basically anyone in the world to visit your establishment, exponentially increasing your potential customer pool. 


#4 - Reasonable Cost

Compared to many alternative marketing methods, Virtual Tours are an affordable way to get your business out there. We generally charge between $25 and $40 per panorama depending on the square footage of the space (most establishments will hover between 8-10 panoramas). This method ends up being far less costly and often times more effective than professional SEO optimization, paid/boosted promotions, or sponsorship deals. 


#5 - Competition

Virtual Tour technology is still very new, and many businesses are either unaware of its existence or unaware of its power over their online presence. For the time being, that means you will have an enormous advantage in marketing over competitors in your space by adding a StreetView V-Tour to your business listing. Competition is a big reason why investing in a Virtual Tour is imperative. Independent market research has statistically shown that websites with Virtual Tours generate 40% more views than ones that don’t. 



#6 - Lasts Forever

Google StreetView Virtual tours have zero hosting fees, unlike many other virtual tour platforms, which means they have no shelf life. They essentially last for as long as the business is still up and running. Updates are not required unless you have major renovations. We pride ourselves in our customer service -if you ever have renovations completed after we've finished your V-Tour, we will update it for free. 





When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products

44% of the time.

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