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One Vendor for All Your Event Services

Special occasions need special attention! Your special event must be meticulously planned and shaped to your style and personality. An expert like us at Carolina Elite Events can step in for all your event needs, from large corporate events to multi-cultural weddings and everything in between! Our team organizes and provides unique insights that will make your event unforgettable. Your one-stop destination for your upcoming wedding or corporate event for photography, videography, and entertainment services! Get in touch with us for the best entertainment, photography, and Videography services in Raleigh for your event!

1. Elevate Your Corporate Events With Our Expert Services!

We are specialists when it comes to corporate event entertainment, videography, and Photography Services in Raleigh! When you entrust us with these services, we strive to turn your organizational goals into unforgettable events. Our team ensures seamless coordination and meticulous execution of these services to make your event a memorable one!

We offer you multiple services for your corporate event that include:

  • A comprehensive DJ service that you cannot miss!

  • Live sound using high-quality mics to photo booths

  • Lighting setups of uplighting and moving heads

  • Custom logo projections

  • Event and branding photography and videography services.

  • Live-streaming services for conferences and virtual meetings

  • Projector and large screen setups.

Let us turn your event into an unforgettable experience with our complete range of entertainment solutions. Click here to learn more!

2. Unlock Your Dream Wedding With Us!

At Carolina Elite Events, we are committed to making your wedding dreams come true. Our mission is simple: To provide seamless coordination and logistics to make your wedding day flawless with timeless videography and photography services!

We understand the challenges that you could face when it comes to planning your wedding. We do it all for you, and you stay stress-free and witness a smooth and memorable celebration of your love with guests being entertained too.

You can depend on us for:

  • The presence of a dynamic DJ and Emcee services.

  • Wedding photography, videography, and special effects like Dry Ice Machines and CO2 Cannons.

  • Customizable lighting options

3. Our expertise in South Asian Weddings

So, you have just engaged, and your South Asian wedding is on the cards next?  We prove to be your best partner when it comes to entertainment, photography, and Videography services in Raleigh as we understand all the rituals and nuances involved in a South Asian Wedding. You can be assured that your traditions and customs will be honored, and our team will ensure a flawless wedding event for you.

We can make your wedding an unforgettable one when you choose any of our services including:

  • The perfect blend of tradition and modernity with our DJ and Emcee services

  • Live sound services for live musicians and performers

  • Wedding photography and videography services

  • Unique Baraat services

  • Live-streaming for remote attendees

  • Special effects like Dry Ice Machines and CO2 Cannons, customizable lighting options, and photo booth rentals to create lasting memories for you and your guests.


About Us

Carolina Elite Events is your go-to Event Company specializing in putting together multicultural weddings, corporate events, and even South Asian weddings. We offer you a comprehensive range of services that includes Entertainment services with DJ and lighting, cinematography, videography, and Photography Services in Raleigh that lead to crafting unforgettable moments that exceed your expectations for your event!

Our team comes with years of experience handling countless events; hence, we provide you nothing short of perfection because we understand the significance of your special day.

We are based in Raleigh, NC, and provide Photography and Entertainment services in Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, and surrounding areas in North Carolina.

Our event professionals deliver the best-in-class service for your special day by capturing every moment with expertise and creativity. The package we offer is customized to suit your budget and requirements.



Our team of photographers shoot weddings from different backgrounds and cultures. From traditional Hindu weddings to fusion multi-cultural weddings, they have seen them all.

We notice everything and never forget a single moment. We document everything for you so that you can remember all of your favorite moments forever.



Memories in motion - that's the perfect way to describe a truly great wedding video.

Our veteran cinematographers know how to capture the little moments, big moments, and all the beauty in between. They've been shooting weddings for years and have a knack for knowing where to be and when.



The tone, mood, and atmosphere at your event can be greatly impacted by the entertainment you provide.

Making sure you choose the right music and sound for your event is essential. That's why we're here to provide the latest tracks and high-quality sound for your next event, Carolina Elite team style.

Your guests' experience is our primary focus.

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Let's make your event outstanding.

Are you ready for your most memorable day?
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