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Entertainment Services

Our team of entertainment professionals have been handling weddings and events of all kinds for over a decade.


We take the time to get to know you so that we can throw

the party you've always dreamed of. 

From DJ to lighting to exclusive services like our starlight dance floor, we have your entertainment needs covered!


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The Vital Role of Entertainment Services at Your Wedding or Corporate Event

Do you know the impact of Entertainment on your memories and emotions at an event? Entertainment has the potential to transform your event from a boring gathering to an exciting experience. It proves to be the secret ingredient that elevates your guest's engagement to new heights at your wedding or corporate event! That's where our Entertainment Services play a crucial role and become a must to keep the guest's involvement and enjoyment on!

The Advantages that Our Entertainment Services Bring to Your Event

1. It sets the right ambiance for your event

2. It engages your guests

3. It keeps your guest's energy high

4. It overshadows any sudden setbacks at your event

The Entertainment Services You Can Choose at Carolina Elite Events


Corporate or Wedding DJ service

Enhance the ambiance of your wedding or corporate event with the perfect musical accompaniment. Our team of seasoned DJs boasts over 15 years of experience, infusing energy and excitement into every event and that makes choosing our DJ entertainment services a great choice. With a diverse music library spanning from the Top 40 hits, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Latin, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, and beyond, our Wedding DJ service ensures a playlist that is tailored to your preferences and guaranteed to keep your guests entertained throughout the celebration.



Moving Head Lighting

Elevate your event venue with our mesmerizing Moving Head lighting installation available which is designed to illuminate your space with precision and style. These dynamic lights create an effect that infuses your event with energy and excitement, encouraging guests to hit the dance floor and groove along. With their seamless integration into your event's ambiance, our Moving Headlights ensure an unforgettable experience for all attendees.


Elite Mobile Baraat

The baraat is the highlight of your wedding, and a grand entry can set the tone of your wedding high, engaging, and enjoyable. Then why not opt for our elite mobile baraat with a live DJ and a premium car that will make your guests dance along and keep everyone impressed?


RGBA Lighting

Experience the transformative power of lighting at your wedding or corporate event with our cutting-edge wireless RGBA lighting technology. Our expert team specializes in ensuring the perfect lighting setup, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of spectacular professional shows. From subtle ambiance enhancements to dynamic lighting displays, our lighting solutions elevate the ambiance and atmosphere at your event ensuring an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Photo Booth Rental Service

Having a photo booth at your event is a unique entertainment avenue to provide to your guests! You could choose from an open-air booth or a premium MirrorMe booth that is touchscreen! What more? You get to choose your backdrop props, get unlimited customized prints, and as well someone to operate the booth as a part of the Photo Booth Rental Service with us!


Special Effects

Add an extra dose of excitement to your wedding or corporate event with our array of special effects that guarantee to impress you and your guests! From CO2 Cannons to Cold Spark Firework Fountains, Dry Ice Machines, Decor Lighting, and beyond, we offer a diverse selection to suit your unique vision. Let us elevate your event with these captivating special effects, ensuring an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.



Custom Monogram

Our Entertainment Services include the Custom Monogram that gives your event a personalized touch. We design for you a unique monogram that reflects your style and branding. Your guests will be impressed by seeing it put up at the venue, and its presence in the event photos will add elegance and sophistication, too!


Live Sound Services

You could have arranged live singing at your wedding or corporate event to entertain your guests. However, if the sound output is not great, then the whole idea can flop. So, as a part of our entrainment services, we also offer you specialized equipment that optimizes the audio to make your live performances arranged effectively.

Our Entertainment Services can take the excitement and engagement level of your event to the next level, so why not try it? Get in touch with us at (919) 473-6573 or email us on

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