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Wedding Videographer Raleigh NC

Wedding Videography Services

 When we set out to make your video, we start with your stories. We get to know you and your relationship in detail, and with today's modern videography techniques, we create a beautiful keepsake that chronicles the story of your love like you've never seen before. 


Our creative approach to filming and our years of experience in editing allows us to create a beautiful memory that will last forever.  


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Latest Films

Our Videography Services


Highlight Film


A Highlight Film (included in the base package) captures your story, emotions, and the unique details of your unforgettable day.


We hand-pick special moments from your full wedding day, key speeches or toasts, beautiful shots of your venue and put together a 4-6 minute cinematic film.



Same-Day Edit

We film and produce an elegant highlight of your wedding day on-location for viewing during your wedding reception.


Your guests will love it!

Your family will love it!

More importantly, you will love it. 

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Feature Film


The Feature Film builds on the Short Film and includes more of your wedding day story (more footage from your  ceremony and reception)  extending your Wedding Film to

10-15 memorable minutes.


Live Streaming

Given a proper internet connection, you can give friends/family the ability to see the event live with multi-camera angles on social media. With our live streaming service, we have a dedicated member of our team to monitor all camera angles and control our video production switchers. We have all of the latest technology to handle all of the streaming seamlessly. 

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Documentary Edit

Cutting between all the camera angles and mixing the audio, we will create a chronological video of your entire wedding day with a focus on the Wedding Ceremony and Reception. This video will include full speeches from your reception and will dig even deeper into your special day to include every memorable moment we captured.



Drone Cinematography

Drones are a video tool we use frequently for that extra cinematic punch. At no extra charge, we will use a DJI Mavic 2 Pro to film your venue, the Baraat, and other parts of the wedding where a drone would be appropriate. 


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